Why use the Dovetail network? 

For roles or skill gaps where you do not need, or have the resources, for a full or part time employee, we offer exceptional talent on a project basis 

It's very simple. There are no minimum number of hours required - just tell us what you need and we will find a selection of candidates 

Maybe you don’t have an HR or legal team but need some performance systems put in place or employment contracts drafted? Could access to a former director at a top tier advertising agency add value to your marketing strategy? Do you have a PR or social media project? What value could an experienced COO add?  

We can handle any project.


Tell us what skills or functions your company needs to take your company forward

Let’s scope out the project together within the parameters of your budget

We will find a selection of candidates that would be a great fit for the project and your company

It’s a fully flexible and bespoke solution – we know that no two projects will be the same and no two candidates bring the same skills

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